Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Greasemonkeyed Postbank Girotel Zakelijk

I've got fed up with the online banking client for buisiness customers of Postbank. I'm working with more persons on this account, with different bank accounts. I only use one of them, but the website always assumes an other account as default (and an error is quick made with selecting the which account to transfer from). Therefor, I builded a greasemonkey script for firefox to select my prefered account.

Just edit the voorkeurNummer variable.

var selBox = document.getElementsByName('selRekNummer').item(0);
var voorkeurNummer = '123456';

if (selBox.hasChildNodes())
// So, first we check if the object is not empty,
// if the object has child nodes
var children = selBox.childNodes;

//run only if selBox has no onChange attribute
if ((selBox.getAttribute('onChange') == null ))
for (var i = 0; i < chilatt =" children[i].attributes;" tagname ="=" j =" 0;" name ="=" value ="=" selectedindex =" i">