Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New VS2010 / .NET 4.0 features

I already love the new dynamic keyword in VS2010, and missing it in my day to day work with Tridion COM objects. Although the drawback is no IntelliSense in VS on the object, see the following code to get the item title from a Tridion TOM item:

Old code

object obj = tdse.GetObject(tcmUri, EnumOpenMode.OpenModeView, null, XMLReadFilter.XMLReadAll );
string title = null;
if (obj is Component)
Component component = (Component) obj;
title = component.Title;
if (obj is Folder)
Folder folder = (Folder) obj;
title = folder.Title;
if (obj is Page)
Page page = (Page) obj;
title = page.Title;

New code

dynamic tridionItem = tdse.GetObject(tcmUri, EnumOpenMode.OpenModeView);
string title = tridionItem.Title;

Another long-missing-but-finally-added feature is the support of optional COM Interop parameters in C#. Before 4.0, you needed to specify all optional parameters in Interop method calls, even if you wanted to use the default values, leading to extremely long method calls (maybe not in Tridion, but infamous in Office Interop with Type.Missing). These method parameters do now have the block parentheses around them in IntelliSense:

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