Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bug in Duet Enterprise NetWeaver configuration wizard

With Duet Enterprise FP1 came a wizard that lets you configure the settings for user mapping between SAP and SharePoint users. Duet Enterprise is using SAML tokens of SharePoint to single sign on these users to SAP. You can configure this mapping on the NetWeaver machine, but as described in the Duet Enterprise support blog, this mapping is case sensitive based on the values in the SAML token.

What turns out is that you can specify the user name prefix in the Configuration wizard, but the wizard always turns the characters to uppercase. So the wizard step is quite pointless, as you need to delete the user mapping and recreate it again with the proper casing with SPRO, SAP Reference IMG - SAP NetWeaver - Gateway - Configuration - Connection Settings - SAP NetWeaver Gateway to Consumer - Define Consumer Issuer Certificate & Map SAP User Names to Consumer.

Update: this behavior is addressed in SAP Note 1688843.

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